New Boards Coming 2020

Pioneering a new wave of hand-crafted clear skateboards inspired by all-time classics . . .

a closer look

Vento California Clear Skateboards

Our beautiful boards are made out of the finest cast acrylic. The board comes in two sizes, a 22 inch mini and a 28 inch cruiser and we are currently working on our next line of boards. The boards are digitally designed and lasers are used to bring them to life, truly the board of the future. 

Despite technological advances, Vento California strives for maximum attention to detail, which can only be achieved through manually putting all of the finishing touches like routing and polishing by hand, ensuring every board holds up to the highest of standards.

Warning/Release of Liability

Skateboarding is an inherently dangerous sport and safety equipment should be used at all times, especially a helmet. Low speed accidents can still cause serious injury and/or death. Check your equipment to make sure everything is in proper working condition prior to skating.

Vento California and/or its owners accept no liability should you injure yourself using any products sold under our brand names.

This document is subject to change at any time without notice.